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US Immigration Visa Guide

New US Immigration Visas are very flexible and available to the people living in other nations. The U.S. Immigration visa allows a person who desires to travel to the United States of America from any country as a non-immigrant or immigrant should apply for entry permission at a Consulate outside the United States.

Schengen Visa Countries List

Few years back the process of getting immigration visas are lengthy and requires substantial paperwork. Applications are submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and then the foreign nations must attend an interview at an U.S. consulate. It takes so much time for processing and can take several months; mistakes in applications can result in even delays for years.

Today situation has changed, getting US immigration visas become much easier and so many are using electronic forms to get visas from consulate. Actually there are various types of visas available to foreign nations who enter in to United States. According to new rules and regulations the U.S. immigration visas are divided in to two types 1) Nonimmigrant visas 2) Immigrant visas.

Nonimmigrant visas are mainly useful for non U.S nations, who desire to study, work, visit or travel through the United States of America. Nonimmigrant visas are further divided into 4 types 1) Work visas
2) Visitor Visas 3) Student Visas 4) Family Visas.

Work visas are most popular temporary work permit to enter in to United States for specialty occupation.
It includes H1B,E3,TN,L1,E1,E2,I,O,P,R,H2B. Visitor visa is for foreign individuals who can demonstrates their business and travel temporarily in the U.S. B1, B2 and Visa waiver program comes under this category. Student visas are mainly for foreign nations who want to study in U.S. Universities or colleges. Family visas (K and V) are available to those who plan to marry a U.S. citizen.

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